WF runs a free clinic for social project children

The action included the participation of athletes Natalia Guitler and Bianca Hiemer, together with the Futevôlei Solidário project in Botafogo. 

On October 12th, children from the Santa Marta, Tabajaras and Balança community, in Botafogo, had a meeting with the footvolley duo, Natalia and Bianca. The initiative of World Footvolley, in partnership with the Futevôlei Solidário Botafogo project, provided an unforgettable experience to the group, which had the opportunity to learn more about the athletes' careers and learn a little more about footvolley, one of the sports that has been growing the most in Brazil.

At the time, Luiz Gomes, founding partner of World Footvolley, also donated sports equipment such as balls and nets to the social project, highlighting the organization's interest in encouraging the growth of the sport in all spheres of society. 

“WF was created with the objective of developing footvolley as an organized sport and thus increasing the chances of social inclusion through sport. For this, we constantly invest in the dissemination of projects that encourage the practice of footvolley in Brazil and around the world;" analyzes Luiz. 

"We are very grateful for the support and dissemination of our work, which, until then, has been maintained through donations from family members and employees", commented Glaucio Nascimento, one of the project managers, who also has Felipe Cordeiro. The Futevôlei Solidário Botafogo project serves 25 children between 7 and 14 years old, in Praia de Botafogo.

“It is a great pleasure to share our experience and inspire new generations through the work we have built over the past ten years. Far beyond results on the court, we seek to serve society and we hope that the growth of footvolley provides great life opportunities for these children;" commented Natalia Guitler, official athlete of World Footvolley. 

As an added benefit, the World Footvolley invited, through a draw, 4 children for a next experience with the athletes, in the event World Footvolley Finals, which will take place in November, in Rio de Janeiro.  


About Futevôlei Solidário Botafogo 

Located on Praia de Botafogo, the project offers free classes to low-income children in the region. With the objective of providing physical and mental motivation to children, the Futevôlei Solidário Botafogo project has been contributing to 25 families, increasing the chances of personal growth, integrating sports values ​​and quality of life to a new generation of citizens. 

Contacts: Glaucio Nascimento (98102-2150) and Felipe Cordeiro (96512-7458)  

Instagram: @futevoleisolidariobotafogo 




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