WF celebrates the best in the world in Rio

Hiltinho/Franklin and Natalia/Vanessa are the footvolley world champions at the WF Finals, played between November 19th and 21st, in Copacabana. 

Hiltinho and Franklin (BRA3), for men, and Natalia and Vanessa (RJ1), for women, are the newest footvolley world champion duos at the WF Finals. The Brazilians won the world title after the dispute that took place between the 19th and 21st of November, in the sands of Copacabana, in Rio de Janeiro. They overcame Filipinho and Renan (BRA2) in the grand final, broadcast on SportTV. The duo Natalia and Vanessa, representatives from Rio (RJ1), beat Lane and Ray (ES) in the women's competition. The WF Finals distributed 40 thousand reais among the best placed, with the same amount allocated to the men's and women's competition.

“I am very happy with this victory. It's the third tournament with my new partner Vanessa Tabarez. Today Brazil has the best athletes in the world. It's a tournament that provided a prize equal to the men's, and that gives a prestige to the women. Winning at the Footvolley Worlds, which has so much representation, was an honor and will remain in my life today”; says champion Nat Guitler, also queen of the beach in the first season of the WFL.

After the group stage disputes, the WF Finals reached its last day with the final stage in the sands of the marvelous city. In the male, the duo that represented Brasil3, won by 2 sets to zero (partials of 15×11 and 15×08). In women, the dispute also closed in 2 sets to zero (partials of 15×13 and 15×13). The competition featured the best athletes in the world, with representatives from six countries in the men's and a dispute with five well-represented states in the women's category.

“I thought it was sensational, a championship with a lot of structure. There are many events in Brazil and around the world. The sport abroad has been gaining space. The work of the World Footvolley for that. You see children filling the arenas, lots of families… it's a sport that will only grow and, God willing, reach the Olympics one day”; highlights the champion, Hiltinho Melo.


Historic and successful public event

The WF Finals was a huge success, both in sporting terms and in terms of audiences. More than five thousand spectators passed through the arena set up in Copacabana during the three days of competitions. In addition, the tournament was broadcast by SportTV, in Brazil, and international broadcasters.

“We had an unforgettable and historic experience in footvolley. Being able to return with such an emblematic event, as it was this weekend, with the arena packed and broadcast to several countries, was really incredible. Athletes were very satisfied and the entire city was mobilized with the WF Finals”, says Luiz Gomes, founder and CEO of World Footvolley.

“For sure, WF Finals will send the message we need, that footvolley is seen as a professional sport, a business opportunity for brands, investors and media partners. Our goal has always been to make footvolley a business and entertainment opportunity, so that we can boost the careers of athletes, who have a lot of talent", complements Gomes.

Footvolley, which was born in Copacabana and is already practiced by more than 300 thousand people in more than 30 countries, promotes the lifestyle and quality of life in Rio around the world. He was born GIGANTE, attracting, since the early decades, names like Garrincha, Romário, Ronaldinho and Neymar, icons of world football.

Reinforcing its socio-environmental purpose, the World Footvolley promoted, together with the Department of the Environment, the planting of seedlings and a recycling campaign, in addition to a free clinic for social projects. The event had the support of the Department of Sports, Environment and Tourism, in addition to the brands Michelob Ultra, PlayerUm English Live, Granado, Botany, Nitrix, Ibis Copacabana Posto 2 by bUP Hotels and FVS physiotherapy.

More info on instagram @worldfootvolley.


female podium

1st place: Natalia and Vanessa (RJ1)

2nd place: Lane and Ray (ES)

3rd place: Lana and Josy (DF)


men's podium

1st place: Hiltinho and Franklin (BRA3)

2nd place: Filipinho and Renan (BRA2)

3rd place: Esteban and I cried (PAR)





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