World Footvolley confirms world stage in Rio

Brazilians face South American and European teams in pursuit of the WF Finals title

After holding the first World League, the World Footvolley, the main international reference in the sport, confirms its return from November 19th to 21st. The event, to be held in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, will receive the best footvolley athletes in the world, with representatives from five countries in the men's and a national competition in the women's category. Among the countries confirmed are Brazil, Portugal, Israel, Paraguay and Argentina.

“We athletes place great value on World Footvolley as an organization that allows us to present the real value of our work on the international stage. We are aware that the modality needs to evolve as a product to generate market value. I couldn't wait to compete with top athletes in the world. What we do on the court offers the same level of entertainment as big sports idols;” highlights Vinicius Sousa, currently ranked first in the World Footvolley.

In the women's competition, the event will feature for the first time teams representing Brazilian states. Unlike the inaugural season, which crowned Natalia Guitler as the queen of the beach, this edition promises to further increase the affinity of the public with the most relevant athletes in the sport.

"We are very happy with the return of the World Footvolley which, once again, proves its intention to highlight women's footvolley in conditions equivalent to men's. Representing Rio de Janeiro motivates us even more in the search for a title against our biggest rivals in the country;" highlights Natalia Guitler, current champion of World Footvolley.

WF Finals will also feature challenges between former soccer players, clinics dedicated to children's social projects and environmental preservation actions, showing that the organization aims, in addition to entertainment, to develop sport as a tool for social inclusion and environmental responsibility.

“We are extremely pleased to announce our return after long months of absence due to sanitary restrictions. THE World Footvolley remains committed to the evolution of footvolley as an offer with commercial appeal and we are confident that this event will further strengthen our proposal;" highlights Luiz Gomes, founder and CEO of World Footvolley.

The event will be broadcast live on SporTV and will distribute 50 thousand reais as a prize, among the participating teams, with the same amount allocated to the male and female competition.

More info on instagram @worldfootvolley.




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