WF announces participating countries of the World Cup in SP

Event welcomes Americans, Europeans and Latinos in São Paulo 

For the first time in São Paulo, the best teams in the world will seek the world title in footvolley, in the male and female categories. The competition, which takes place between the 14th and 16th of October, in Tatuapé/SP, promises great confrontations from the first day, since, in the group stage, Brazilians and foreigners compete for four spots in the semifinals. Among the Brazilians are the current champions Hiltinho and Franklin, accompanied by four of the best teams at the national level. The international group, the United States, Italy, Argentina, Israel and Paraguay seek a place in the semis, but also maintain their positions in the world ranking. Tickets are already on sale at ticket sports.

In the women's competition, representatives from 8 Brazilian states will be in the dispute. Led by cariocas Natalia Guitler and Vanessa Tabarez, current champions, duos from Espírito Santo, Distrito Federal, Goiás, São Paulo, Bahia, Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul formed two groups in search of a spot in the semifinals. Still underdeveloped internationally, the competition in the women's category will also result in a world title.

Among the debutants, Brisa and Sandrey (BRA 2), form a duo known for big plays and extravagant celebrations. The Alagoas have been present in the national finals in 2022, and will have their first participation in a World Cup.

“This year, we will bring together 36 professional athletes and more than 150 athletes in the amateur categories. In addition to investing in footvolley as a business and entertainment, we want to encourage the creation of new talents;” analyzes Luiz Gomes, CEO of World Footvolley.

In the women's, Paula and Renata are the great hope of São Paulo and will have, in addition to the three medalists of the last edition, the duo from Goias, Amanda and Monique, who have stood out in 2022, as direct confrontations. Adding to the list of debutants, Liz and Thamara from Bahia, Emily and May and Tais and Rafaella from Rio Grande do Sul, representing Minas Gerais, complete the list. In women's, the dispute will be of high level, with experienced athletes, who promise not to measure efforts for greater conquest. The duo representing MG, Taís and Rafaela, is the youngest in the competition.

As for the format, all teams will face each other within their groups and the best will advance to the semifinals. All matches are played in up to 3 sets of 15, 15 and 11 points, respectively, with an estimated time of 35 min each.

Broadcast on SPORTV and international broadcasters, the Footvolley Championship is sponsored by Pixbet, supported by Venice Beach Club, Penalty and Footprint.



Date: October 14th, 15th and 16th

Location: Venice Beach Club – R.Euclides Pacheco, 1600 (Tatuapé)

Broadcast: SporTV and international broadcasters

Tickets: Footvolley Championship in São Paulo


Participants (male)

Hiltinho and Franklin (BRA1)

Breeze and Sandrey (BRA2)

Raphael and Michel (BRA3)

Bruno and Bruninho (BRA4)

Paraná and Tavinho (BRA5)

Ron and Maor (ISR)

Tadeo and Juan (ARG)

Plentz and Dener (USA)

Iacopucci / Faccini (ITA)

Steban and I cried (PAR)


Participants (female)

Natalia / Vanessa (RJ)

Lane/Ray (ES)

Lana / Josy (DF)

Paula / Sabrina (SP)

Liz / Thamara (BA)

Amanda / Bianca (GO)

Emily / Mayara (RS)

Rafaela / Tais (MG)


Media Relation  

Dani Marinho – press@worldfootvolley.com




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