Natalia/Vanessa and Brisa/Sandrey become world champions in SP

For the first time in São Paulo, the World Footvolley, promoter of the Footvolley World Cup, received the best teams in the world for men and women. Over the three days of the event, more than 2 million spectators watched the event and 5 people passed through the arena set up at the Venice Beach Club, in the Tatuapé/SP neighborhood.

In the female category, for the second consecutive year, the Rio de Janeiro team Natalia and Vanessa secured the world title with a score of 2×0 against Lana and Josy. In the men's, Brisa and Sandrey got the better of Paraná and Tavinho, in a 3-set dispute.

“Defending the world title is more than special. We are very happy and grateful for the work of World Footvolley. What an event!” declares Natalia Guitler.

Brisa and Sandrey, rookie duo in the competition, beat the Paraguayans and got the better of Paraná and Tavinho in the final.

“Thank you to everyone who supports us and to World Footvolley for the opportunity. I never felt anything like it. To be champion for Brazil is something indescribable;” declares Sandrey.

There were 40 thousand reais in awards, divided between male and female professionals. In the amateur categories, 150 pairs disputed 5 titles that accumulated almost 10 thousand reais in prizes.

“In addition to the spectacle, for the first time in history, Pixbet gave fans of the sport the opportunity to bet on footvolley. We want to help develop footvolley internationally. All our partners arrive in an unprecedented way to give even more value to the sport;” analyzes Luiz Gomes, CEO of World Footvolley.

“Innovation is in Pixbet's DNA and this time we decided to invest in footvolley, which is a sport that is constantly growing in Brazil and worldwide. Today, for the first time in the history of a betting site, we are opening special odds for the women's and men's finals. This confirms our vision of the future and support of the sport. This is the beginning of a perfect marriage;” says Tadeu Dantas, CEO of Pixbet.

Broadcast on SPORTV and international broadcasters, the event was sponsored by Pixbet, supported by Venice Beach Club, Penalty, Footprint and Hotel Affiliated Meliá Tatuapé/SP.

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1st place: Brisa and Sandrey (Brazil)

2nd place: Paraná and Tavinho (Brazil)

3rd place: Ron and Lilush (Israel)


1st place: Natalia and Vanessa (RJ)

2rd place: Lana and Josy (DF)

3nd place: Lane and Ray (ES)




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