Find out all about the 4th stage of the WFL in Rio de Janeiro

Episode of the WF Stars series presents the 4th stage of the WFL in Rio de Janeiro

After stages in Brasilia, Barcelona and Eilat, in Israel, the footvolley stars land in the wonderful city for the last stage of the inaugural season

What does it take to crown a world champion? Cradle of the sport, Rio de Janeiro served as the stage for the closing of the first season of the World Footvolley League. The final stage brought together the best international teams of today and, for the first time, consecrated a team as world champion of the season. In the male, Vinicius and Paraná secured the title, while in the female, Natalia Guitler assumed the crown of Rainha da Praia. The full episode is on youtube.com/worldfootvolley.

In total, seven different nationalities are in the Rio de Janeiro stage. Among the male participants: the Brazilians Vinícius and Paraná, who were favorites after three consecutive titles; the Paraguayans, Esteban and Chorei, considered the greatest threat to Brazilians; the Israelis, Ron and Maor, big surprise of the season; Spaniards Juan and Facundo, who qualified after winning third place in the Barcelona stage; the Portuguese Beto and Filipe, who came with great expectation after the fourth place in Eilat; Argentines Tadeo and Juan, with a consistent season and were prepared to surprise, while the Germans, Jacob and Lukas, were snipers. Finally, the second Brazilian team, represented by the newcomers Felipe and Renan, who came from a sequence of titles on the national scene and already brought great expectations from the fans.

In addition to the international competition for men, the stage marked the rematch between rivals, Natalia / Bianca (RJ), against Josy / Lana (DF), reissuing one of the most emblematic duels of the season, which, in Brasília, ended with a dramatic victory cariocas in the third set. Football stars, Pedrinho (ex-Vasco) and Gabriel (ex-Fluminense) were also present in the Rio x São Paulo duel.

The WF Stars series offers sports fans the opportunity to get to know everything that happened during the World League. A season that introduced footvolley to more than 3 million spectators in live game broadcasts and attracted major brands such as MIKASA, ATHLETA, REDE ACCOR, AMBEV and local partners in the host cities.

For Luiz Gomes, founder of World Footvolley, the sport's success goes far beyond what happens on the court; “We work tirelessly to present footvolley through stories and characters that captivate new people to be enchanted by the sport. In addition to the natural interest in the practice, fans want to follow the path and experience of their idols in an inspiring and consistent way. ”

WF Stars presents every aspect of the preparation, experience and dispute in the stages responsible for the creation of the first world ranking in the sport. The proposal aims to present, in addition to the game, the whole culture and lifestyle around the sport and its main characters. Like Pipeline, it became the surfing capital of the world, Rio de Janeiro represents the origin and the greatest achievement of a footvolley world champion.


Service | WF STARS - The Game Turn

Content: World Footvolley League, international ranking, travel, behind the scenes and international rivalries

Participants: Brazil, Paraguay, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Germany

Duration: approximately 10 minutes Full episode: https://www.youtube.com/worldfootvolley


Final Result of the 4rd stage

1st Felipe and Renan (Brazil)

2nd Esteban and Chorei (Paraguay)

3º Vinicius and Paraná (Brazil)

4th Ron and Maor (Israel)

5th Beto and Filipe (Portugal)

6rd Tadeo and Juan (Argentina)

7th Juan and Facundo (Spain)

8th Jacob and Lukas (Germany)




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