Find out all about the 3rd stage of the WFL in Eilat / Israel

Episode of the WF Stars series presents the 3rd stage of the WFL in Eilat, Israel

After stages in Brasilia and Barcelona, ​​footvolley stars land in Eilat for the third stage of the World League

Despite the favoritism of Brazilians Vinicius and Paraná, Israel's duo, Ron and Maor, second in the tournament, showed how much the sport has been evolving there. The final of the third leg of the World Footvolley League, which took place in the tourist resort of Eilat, revealed one of the best games of the season, consecrating the country as a major world power in the sport. This story was told in the episode of the series WF Stars, available on youtube.com/worldfootvolley.

A World Footvolley offers sports fans the chance to get to know everything that happened during a stage that attracted more than 1 million viewers in broadcasts in Brazil, Israel and Spain. For once again, athletes from different countries met again in a competition where the Brazilian hegemony was challenged for the first time. In addition to exciting games, the teams had the chance to visit some tourist spots in the city, showing that Footvolley has been reaching more and more space.

In total, in addition to the host country, Israel received eight different nationalities, four of whom were newcomers, Colombia and Portugal for men, Sweden and Hungary for women. In total, Eilat received 12 male athletes and 8 female players.

The rise of the sport can be seen in the number of practicing countries and especially in the technical level of teams that, in some cases, are already level with Brazilians. In Israel, footvolley has been practiced for 15 years, reaching more than a thousand practitioners today, including children, women and even people with physical disabilities. Some of the greatest Brazilian athletes have already been there, mainly to participate in national leagues and share knowledge. Footvolley has already been "present" in more than 40 countries.

For Luiz Gomes, founder of World Footvolley, the sport's success goes far beyond what happens on the court; “Our main objective is to bring an attractive and relevant story to the public, gradually attracting new fans through great idols that arise from a combination of results on the court and constant interaction outside of it.”

The WF Stars aims to enhance the narrative of the 2019 season and show the main athletes of the sport in the world.


Service | WF STARS - A contested supremacy

Content: World Footvolley League, trips, backstage, meetings and international rivalries

Participants: Brazil, Israel, Argentina, Portugal, United States, Colombia, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary and Sweden

Duration: approximately 10 minutes

Watch the third full episode: https://www.youtube.com/worldfootvolley


Final Result of the 3rd stage

1º Vinicius and Paraná (Brazil)

2nd Ron and Maor (Israel 1)

3rd Tadeo and Juan (Argentina)

4th Beto and Filipe (Portugal)

5th Mati and Benel (Israel 2)

6th Oren and Ben (Israel 3)

7th Adar and Diego (Israel 4)

8th Plentz and Barreto (United States)




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