Find out everything about the 2nd stage of the WFL in Barcelona

Episode of the WF Stars series presents the 2nd stage of the WFL in Barcelona 

WF Stars brings together four episodes in order to enhance the season's narrative and the main athletes of the sport

Lifestyle. This is just one of the pillars that support one of the greatest creations of Rio's culture, Futevôlei. Originally practiced on the beaches of Rio, the sport that has been growing in Brazil has also been gaining international proportions. Following a positioning strategy that seeks to generate greater visibility to the sport, the World Footvolley launched an episode that brings together the title dispute in the second stage of an unprecedented World League in Barcelona, ​​and several tourist experiences involving teams representing 8 nationalities, in addition to the host country. The full episode is on youtube.com/worldfootvolley.

The stage highlights the hegemony of Brazilians, as well as the growth of great powers such as Spain and Israel. In the women's category, the novelty is the participation of international athletes along with the current “queen of the beach”, Natalia Guitler. In addition to the competition, the episode describes experiences lived by the stars of the sport, visits to the Camp Nou Stadium, sights and clinics for local practitioners.

For Luiz Gomes, founder of World Footvolley, the sport's success goes far beyond what happens on the court; “Our main objective is to bring an attractive and relevant story to the public, gradually attracting new fans through great idols that arise from a combination of results on the court and constant interaction outside of it.”

WF Stars represents a first step in the consolidation of long-term strategic planning, which involves, in addition to events and series, technical development initiatives, social responsibility and support for athletes.


Service | WF STARS - The milestone of a new beginning

Content: World Footvolley League, trips, backstage, meetings and international rivalries

Participants: Brazil, Paraguay, Israel, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands and Argentina

Duration: approximately 10 minutes


Final Result of the 2rd stage

1º Vinicius and Paraná (Brazil)

2nd Esteban and Kilito (Paraguay)

3rd Juan and Sergio (Spain 1)

4th Ron and Maor (Israel)

5th Edu and Robert (Spain 3)

6th Pablo and Natxo (Spain 4)

7th Tadeo and Hernan (Argentina)

8th Jaime and Facundo (Spain 2)




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