Understand the growth of footvolley TCs in São Paulo

Approximately one new space appears every two months in São Paulo

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Away from Rio's beaches, footvolley has been taking over the city of São Paulo and attracting new practitioners to the sport. As a result, more than 300 courts have sprung up in the city over the last few years and with them, places offering ample infrastructure to receive practitioners of different ages and genders in search of the sport of the moment.

Today there are more than 60 places available for the practice of footvolley in the capital. Known as Arenas or CTs (Training Center), most of them offer bar, restaurant, children's play area and, in some cases, pet shop, barbershop, clothing stores, among other services. In addition to footvolley, these places traditionally offer modalities such as beach tennis, beach volleyball, functional and yoga.

“Playing footvolley has become a refuge from the capital's intense work routine. Its practice in an environment alluding to the beach, provides an experience that fell in the taste of São Paulo,” analyzes Luiz Gomes, Founder of WF.

With an average ticket of R$500,00 to enjoy each location, training and playing footvolley, São Paulo has attracted a public with greater purchasing power for the sport. The increase in the number of courts and practitioners has resulted in an increase in the number of competitions. Nowadays, an average of 2 to 4 tournaments take place every weekend in greater São Paulo.


Discover 8 places to train footvolley in São Paulo:


PINE TREES – CT Sidewalk

Av. Dr. Ruth Cardoso, 6941 – Pinheiros, São Paulo

Instagram: @calcadao_


GARDENS – Post 011

Av. Rebouças, 1605, Jardins, São Paulo

Instagram: @posto011


MORUMBI – Praia Brava Sand Club

Rua Dr. José Gustavo Bush, 447, Morumbi, São Paulo

Instagram: @praiabravasandclub


VILLAGE MARIANA – Klabin Beach Sports

Rua Santa Cruz, 1350, Vila Mariana, São Paulo

Instagram: @klabinbeachsports


IPIRANGA – Riplay Beach Sports

Rua Conde Vicente de Azevedo, 73, Vila Monumentos, Ipiranga, São Paulo

Instagram: @riplaysports



Rua Santa Virginia, 628 – Tatuapé, São Paulo

Instagram: @_estacaosp


DEEP BAR – Éssipê Arena

Rua Inhaúma, 71, Barra Funda, São Paulo

Instagram: @arenaessipe


FRANCO ANALY – Analia Beach

Rua Bom Jesus, 599 – Anália Franco, São Paulo

Instagram: @analia.beach


The suggested training centers are some of the options offered in their respective neighborhoods and represent only a fraction of the alternatives in São Paulo.




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