Back from vacation, Footvolley has highlights in January

Photo credit: Joao Victor Souza

With the start of the 2022 season, the finalist teams of the last footvolley world showed a little bit of how they have been preparing for new achievements. Highlight in the WF Finals stage in Copacabana, the duos Natalia and Vanessa, Hiltinho and Franklin, Lane and Ray and Felipe and Renan, participated in a new series of World Footvolley highlighting each team's pre-season and expectations for the year. Footvolley fans can follow the series on World Footvolley on Youtube (access channel).

“It was a pleasure to share a little behind the scenes of the main teams, also valuing the work of the people who are behind the success of each of them. We remain committed to entertaining footvolley fans through the main stories surrounding the athletes and the sport's lifestyle," highlights Luiz Gomes, Founder of World Footvolley.

In Brazil, Paraná and Tavinho started the year with a title at the Mikasa Open, after beating Brisa and Sandrey in the third set. In constant evolution, the duo has already collected four titles in the biggest competitions in the country and is now one of the favorites on the national scene. With several competitions throughout the month of February, the duo Brisa and Sandrey will certainly appear again in the final stages. Completing the podium, Juninho and Roger (Neguebinha) continued the great phase, beating Gui and Gabriel (Lapiseira).

Abroad, the highlight was the Riplay Footvolley Cup, which took Vinicius, Paraná, Hiltinho and Bruninho to Orlando. To everyone's surprise, despite the Brazilian favoritism, the title went to the Paraguayan duo Victor and Moisés, who didn't give Bruno and Daniel a chance in the final. The event kicked off the competition season in the United States, which, in addition to the next stages in Orlando, will have a sequence of 5 stages on the national circuit. Know more!

In February, in addition to continuing the preparations for the return of the season of international competitions, WF resumes the series World Footvolley Stars telling everything that happened in the last stage of the world, from the arrival of the first teams to the titles of Hiltinho/Franklin and Natalia/Vanessa. Follow the best of international footvolley on WF's YouTube profiles (access channel) and Instagram (access profile).




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